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Stephanie Leonard

SCI Mentor and former Mentee

Stephanie is a community organiser and the founder of Act Build Change: a learning community supporting people to organise around the world.

It has supported people to win elections, to train and build teams of organisers across the UK to act on some of the biggest issues of our time - from fighting for disability rights, the hostile environment to climate justice.

Previously an organiser for Citizens UK, Stephanie spent most of her time organising with young people - specifically those without permanent status. Collectively they secured the first Deputy Mayor for Integration in 2017, supporting 80,000 young people get better access to citizenship. Working with residents in Camden and Islington in London, they fought for the resettlement of 29 Syrian families into the boroughs.

With workers, Stephanie won 4 Living Wage campaigns putting thousands of pounds back into staff pockets.

For three years she taught the practical module in community organising for the MSc Social Development Practice at University College London.

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