Martin Doyle

Martin is an SCI Peace Building Programme Participant, and Journalist. He has spent most of his working life in London and Dublin and went to university at St Andrews. Martin is currently Books Editor for The Irish Times, and before that worked for The Irish World, and as Editor of The Irish Post in London. He is interested in raising awareness of less-well known but significant aspects of our shared history on the island of Ireland, and in building his knowledge of how the North is changing. As well as developing new insights and connections after having lived away for the past 30 years.

Martin has contributed an essay, ‘Dirty Linen’, to ‘The 32: An Anthology of Irish Working-Class Voices’ (Unbound, 2021), and has further explored this through a Fellowship with SCI and continues to focus on the history of the North’s linen industry through the prism of his parish, Tullylish, Co Down. He used the Fellowship to deepen his skills around using stories that surface pain to help people think positively about the future. Read here for a piece related to his work.

  1. Peacebuilding Leadership Programme

Based in Dublin, Ireland