Leanne Abernathy

Leanne has worked with Ulidian Centre in Ballymoney, Northern Ireland for the past 8 years focusing on dealing with community issues and paramilitary issues using the core elements of restorative practices. She is focused on creating positive change in her community through the skills she developed in the programme, including communication, research, and leadership skills, as well as increasing her self-confidence and adaptability.

Leanne's Fellowship was focused on developing a programme exploring Protestant/Unionist/Loyalist (PUL) women’s perspectives on the Good Friday Agreement. This provided her with time to research and document the views and experiences of loyalist women, mostly in the north Antrim area. As part of her Fellowship, Leanne wrote a contribution for a publication supported by University College Galway and the Glencree Peace and Reconciliation Centre on the views and experiences of Loyalist Women in Rural Areas. You can read the results of her Fellowship by clicking (here).

  1. Peacebuilding Leadership Programme


Based in Ballymoney, Northern Ireland